Still Alive!

I know I have not been very active on social media and on my blog and things yet did post a few days ago about colon cleansing. And will be updating more as I find more time.

Currently planning retreats and also new plans for the website and absolutely will be updating with more information for you all soon.

Sophie Jones Xx

Making Cleanses at Home

Making cleanses at home can be a good way to get a detox in, often cheaply and very healthy too!

Some of the places I grab things for my home cleanses are on Amazon and also Jessica Jenkins who is an expert at detox retreats and cleanses started The Cleanse Shop which I think will be good. I am not sure it is ready yet however.

Other resources:

Hope this helps and keep me up to date on your cleansing!

Sophie Jones Xx

One of the first thing about cleanses

It is not just about cleaning our digestive tract and system, we need to make sure we are not eating harmful foods and drinking harmful drinks in the first place.

Harmful chemicals from the food and water you ingest are usually stored in your body’s fat cells, making them difficult to expel. The first step in the detoxification process is to convert these toxins from being fat-soluble to water-soluble, explains Pooja. Antioxidants neutralise damaging free radicals that are released during this phase.

I like her point yet I still don’t really believe in toxins and see detox as a way to cleanse the mind and body in very logical, scientific ways.

As well as increase the amount of good quality nutrients in our body.

The Cleanses Recipes from Your Retreat in Bali

Hi everyone! For all the guests who came to our retreats in Bali we are very happy and grateful and hope you all had a fantastic time. I know I did!

Mary was talking to me about how she would like a site where she can access many of the detox recipes for example the specific juices, detoxifications and also the cleanses all in one place.

So they will be posted here, I’m just working together with Mia to get them out to you.

Thanks and love you all!